Self Tapping Screw
These low profile self tapping screws make building with V-Slot corner connectors quick and easy.  You can build a boxed frame out of V-Slot using these in a matter of minutes. No more need for tapping!! - Phillips Head- 3/4" Long- 10-16 Thread- Drilling End- Black Oxide NOTE: When using these self-tapping screws, you will want to back the screw out and drill it in a little deeper each time.This helps to clear the hole of the cuttings and allows the tapping porcess to work more easily.
6.30 MXN
Socket Head Screws M3 (25 Pack) 6mm
These screws will fit the OpenBuilds NEMA 17 stepper motors mounting holes. They can also be used to mount Micro Limit Switches and many other applications. M3 Button Head Screw with different length options available. Popular screw size for most projects. Sold in Packs of 25.Alloy SteelBlack OxideThread Size – M3Thread Pitch – 0.52mm Hex HeadHardness 6.8
50.44 MXN
Low Profile Screws M5 6mm Qty. 1
The OpenBuilds Low Profle Screws are a great choice for any project!  Compared to most screws, they are ultra low profile.  This means plenty of clearance.  The low profile head will not get in the way when building. Sold Individually or in Packs of 25.  Just add the amount you want and update the quantity in your shopping cart. Alloy SteelBlack OxideHead Thickness 1.5mmThread Size - M5Thread Pitch - 0.83mm HexHardness 6.8 Lots of sizes to choose from for your projects. Download example builds for part models to use in your project!
3.78 MXN
Set Screw
This is an M5 * 4mm Set Screw.  We include two of these with the Inside Hidden Corner Bracekts and also use them on our Lock Collars.  They can be used with many different parts and are likely to be very useful with your project.
1.77 MXN