Shims & Spacers

Precision Shim - 10x5x1mm
This precision shim is included with every full size OpenBuilds Wheel Kit.  You place it between the two bearings to avoid binding.  They are inexpensive enough to use as a washer on any of your projects.  10mm OD * 5mm Bore * 1mm thickness  Download the model file below to use in your project!
6.30 MXN
Mini V Wheel Precision Shim
These are the precision shims used in the Mini V Wheel Kits. These shims can be used for spacing on many applications. Part Details Stainless Steel Dimensions 8 OD x 5 ID (M5 Screw Size)  x 1mm 'thick' +0.076 / -0  
5.04 MXN
Slot Washer - 15x5x2mm
As shown in the pictures, this washer can be used to bridge the slot on V-Slot or compatible extrusion to allow for the mounting of various components.   You can also be use it as a standard washer or spacer shim and incorporate it into all of your projects. 15mm OD * M5mm Bore * ~2mm thickness Zinc Plated Steel
5.04 MXN
Flat Washer 1/4" Screw Size
  1/4" x 47/64" OD x .05" - .08" thick Carbon Steel
5.04 MXN
8mm Shim
 Slide on to 8mm ACME thread for a spacer. ID 8mmOD 12.73mm.062" Thick Stainless Steel
6.30 MXN