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Ball End Hex Key Set
These are the Allen Wrenches that we use for our builds and they work great!  The ball end allows you to get into those hard to reach place at angles while the short end without the ball allows for that extra torque needed to seat the screw.  This Ball End Hex Key Set allows for easy access to both the Low Profile Screws as well as Socket Head Cap Screws from angles up to 25 degrees.   This tool is a must have for your build so get yours today! Includes 13 pices Sizes 1.27 mm1.5 mm2 mm2.5 mm3 mm3.5 mm4 mm4.5 mm5 mm5.5 mm6 mm8 mm10 mm
250.94 MXN
3D printer / CNC Mill Brush Set
This is a nice brush set for your projects. The nylon brush is great for use on plastic extrusion 3D printers hot ends. You can quickly brush away any of the sticky debries that sticks to the nozzle while it heated. You can also use these brushs to quickly clean up any webbing that may have ocurred during the 3D printing process. Another use is to clean out the tracks durning a cnc milling project. These little brushes are great to keep a set right next to your machine.  
100.63 MXN