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Metal V Wheel™ Kit Qty. 1
OpenBuilds Chrome Steel V Wheel Kit is great for use with any hard V Rail Linear Guide System.
Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance.
Made from hard Carbon Steel 45
(1) Metal V Wheel
(2) Ball Bearings - 625 2RS
(2) 5mm Precision Shim
(1) Lock Nut with Nylon Insert
Also, be sure to grab the screws and spacers of your choice here:
Low Profile Screw (25mm for use with 1/8" Plate and 30mm for 1/4" Plates)
Aluminum Spacers (choose between 6mm and 1/4")
Eccentric Spacers (choose between 6mm and 1/4")
Note: Usually for a standard gantry plate you will need two Eccentric Spacers as well as two Aluminum Spacers
Download the model file below to use in your project!
Example Build
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