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Solid V Wheel™ Qty. 1
The OpenBuilds Solid V Wheel is a strong wheel that resist deflection due to its solid nature.
This wheel style was produced for two reasons. First for builds where heavier loads were required and less compressing in the delrin is noticed. Many of these wheels could be added to a gantry to allow for an even distrbution of the load across them. Second is for improved preformanced of the belt and pinion system to give the belt a flat surface to ride on.
Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance.
(1) OpenBuilds Solid V Wheel
The OpenBuilds Solid V Wheel is great for use with the V-Slot Linear Guide System.
Save time and money with the full Kit! OpenBuilds Solid V Wheel Kit.
NOTE: The installation of this V wheel is identical to the OpenBuilds V Wheel (please see videos for installation)
 Example Build: This is the Solid V Wheel we are using on the OpenBuilds OX cnc router Build 

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