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CNC USB Controller
USB to CNC is now a reality! CNC motion controller is a link between personal computer and drivers for stepper motors. It uses a USB port which is available on all modern computers and laptops. This is a complete (software/hardware) solution and it does NOT require any additional software (Mach3 is NOT needed). USB CNC controller is compatible with most step/dir drivers. It has the same pinout as popular PICStep and PMinMO drivers. It can be used as direct replacement for many parallel port break-out boards.
Please note: This is a USB breakout board that allows you to control stepper drivers using special (included) software and stepper motor drivers will be needed to run the motors.
Both the Controller and the Software License are included.
How to activate your License.- download and install latest software
- download and install driver
- activate software using your licenseopen "License activation" dialog and paste your registration key.

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