Precio: $ 50.44 MXN

Micro Limit Switch Plate
These limit switch plates mount to V-Slot or compatible extrusion. They give you multiple ways to mount and arrange your switches adjustable along the length of the linear guide. Adjustments are made with just one screw to allow for quick and precise switch engagement. They are super easy to use and there are many examples to use in the included model.
- 15x32mm
- There are 4 threaded M3 mounting holes to mate a micro limit switch to in either vertical or horizontal position and a elongated M5 hole for slotted extrusion mounting/adjustment
- These plates work with the OpenBuilds Part Store Micro Limit Switch.
NOTE: The holes in the plastic of the switch will need to be tapped to M3 size so the included M3 Screws can be used to attach the switch to your project. 
 Download example models here to use in your own projects

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