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C-Beam™ Gantry Plate
C-Beam Gantry Plate
A gantry plate designed specifily to give a clean and compact look while able to ride inside of the C-beam Linear Rail System using Mini V Wheels. 
A strong 6mm thick aluminum 6061- T5 plate
Shiny black anodized for a finished look
Recessed screw pockets ensure flush mounts
Includes pre-tapped mounting holes for C-Beam Riser Plates 
Adjustable center hole mount allows for belt actuator configurations 
Use in conjuction with either the Xtreme Mini Wheels or the Delrin Mini Wheels.
Be sure to download the Example C-Beam builds pack from OpenBuilds to use C-Beam in your own Builds!
Download Example Models
C-Beam Actuator example builds for inspration and use in your own builds!

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